Willmar Area African-Owned Business Survey

Here you can access the full Findings Report of a recent survey of African immigrant business owners in the Willmar area of Minnesota. This was a joint effort with the Willmar Area Chamber of Commerce (WLA), this survey was conducted by ADC during the winter of 2012, as an attempt to reach all area businesses owned and operated by members of the African immigrant community.

Similar to the report done in Rochester, the purpose of this regional survey was to serve as a mechanism to begin to compare the status of this new and growing business community of African-owned establishments with the larger business community of the region, as well as increase awareness in the larger community to the presence and potential of this new business group. This was done by attempting to determine: the overall health of these businesses, areas of success and challenges, opportunities for growth, current network utilization and capacity, and assistance needs from groups like ADC and the WLA.

This survey of African-owned businesses in the Willmar area, and the findings reported here, is meant to be a catalyst for organizations and businesses of this area to realize the potential of this business community, and work towards efforts that: expand and integrate business networks and supply chains, develop appropriate tools and services to enhance growth, and offer effective resources to a community with the demand and skills to utilize them for the betterment and vitality of the entire region.

Meant as the first discussion in a much larger and on-going conversation, we look forward to the energy and dialogue that this report sparks throughout the Willmar area.

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