AfroUniversal: Impressions de Salvador

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The African Development Center is delighted to announce that, for the first time in its existence, the AfroUniversal Fine Art Gallery will feature the work of an artist born outside of Africa. While the gallery has periodically included works with roots outside the continent, this upcoming showing will solely feature the unique and remarkable paintings of the rising star that is Salvador de Montesinos.

What makes these pieces so exciting is the new style of Impressionist Painting developed by Salvador himself, called Vectorism. An intricate technique utilizing multiple layers, this process reveals an astonishing final product filled with vibrancy, movement, and depth. For more information about this style, and the artist who developed it, visit the website of Salvador de Montesinos.

Join us next Thursday, December 13th, to experience the full effect of these phenomenal pieces. This is an open house from 5:30 – 8:00pm, but sign up on the event page to reserve your attendance at a wonderful evening of art, food & music – featuring remarks from the artist himself.
Registration and attendance is completely free and open to the public, but be sure to sign up soon to ensure a spot at what is sure to be a packed house.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-612-333-4772 or 1-877-232-4775. See you next Thursday!!

Since childhood, Salvador de Montesinos has been intrigued by light, shadows and color. As an adult, he has dedicated his life to uncovering a new mix of impressionism, expressionism and abstract styles of art.

Living on the Caribbean Sea since the 1990’s provided Salvador with the perfect balance of open space, nature, movement, light and color. These years of highly focused painting led this dedicated and talented artist to create this new style he has coined “Vectorism.”