Fowsiyo Farah finds success in America with help from The African Development Center

Peace and Freedom in being her own boss: Fowsiyo Farah and The Basim Store on Amazon.Com

Fowsiyo Farah loves her life here in America. It is here that she raised her son and found peace and freedom. With enthusiastic resolve, Fowsiyo is determined to achieve American successes as a fashion retailer and is happy to say that America is her home for life.

Fowsiyo’s entrance into the workforce began as a temporary clerk in various jobs that allowed her to save money while raising her son. Every month, with the goal of being able to open her own business and be her own boss, Fowsiyo set aside as much as she could and after many months, she had saved $300. Eventually that $300 grew to $13,500 and it was a very proud moment for Fowsiyo.

Fowsiyo and a business partner with matching funds combined their resources to open a store. Two years later, both had nearly doubled their savings and each was able to go on and open their own respective businesses and follow their individual dreams. In March of 2007, Fowsiyo opened Basim Store, which operates out of

Fowsiyo owns and designs her own clothing line with a focus on high quality women and young girls fashion under her own brand “Fosham”. She also resells clothing and shoes from other designers. With technical assistance and a micro grant through ADC, and the support of her son, Fowsiyo expects to offer fine jewelry in the very near future and one day aspires to expand The Basim Store and own her own clothing factory. Fowsiyo’s confidence and selection of clothing will be sure to brighten your day.

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