Passion of Owner Glitters Brighter than Her Unique Garments

The sparkle and shine emanating from Diva Rags & Suave Clothing is not limited to just the eye-catching scarves, shoes, bags, and other garments being sold – but is a reflection of the truly extraordinary and passionate owner, Ashley Lauren. Ashley’s success story is a true inspiration for those interested in not only becoming financially successful business owners, but with a desire to help their community along the way.

Ashley Coleman is a young woman with many passions. Raised by strong women, she credits much of her success to her mother, who has been given unwavering support throughout her life’s journey. This support may be why Ashley feels the need to show support for others in need within the community, by working with youth and volunteering to assist cancer patients. Despite her dedication and hard work, Ashley’s philosophy of life is not about competition with other establishments. She does not put competition ahead of anything else, “My mission is to reach the masses. It is not about making money; it is about spirituality and inspiring the children in my community.”

While Ashley does acknowledge that hard work and dedication are necessary to yield successful financial results, she’s quick to point out the need for assistance from others. In her case, she states that the African Development Center came in at just the right moment: “ADC helped me when no one else did, and I was taken by that. They saw my potential which made me want to work harder. By helping me implement my financial and business goals towards success, ADC made me see the whole experience of entrepreneurship as not only honorable but humbling and I am very thankful for that.”
Along with starting her business in 1999 – when she was 15 years old – Ashley is also an artistic soul with a love of poetry. After motivation from meeting Jill Scott at a performance a few years ago, Ashley now performs her poetry locally, and is working on the development of a new self-help book to inspire youth. She promotes and honors individuality, just as she used her creativity and artistic gifts to start her own business.

After building a gallery of one-of-a-kind garments and products, Ashley’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to stay focused, work hard, get education, and stay away from dream killers. She states: “please be unique, be original, and embrace who you are”. To Ashley, being passionate about one’s work is primary: “when you have passion – money will come later. You need to believe in yourself before anybody else will.”

Lead Photo Courtesy of the Star Tribune