Afro-Deli & Catering

Walking the Talk of Community Reinvestment

For the past several years, the African Development Center has been grooming prospective and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to start and sustain successful businesses throughout the state in an attempt to create a more prosperous community for all. This fall, ADC embarked upon an innovative social venture with business partner, Abdirahman Kahin. ADC heavily invested in the establishment of Afro-Deli & Catering. The Afro Deli is an inspiring social venture that attempts to weave together business with community and culture. The deli offers freshly made African, Mediterranean, and American cuisine at reasonable prices.

Hoping to add more depth and culture to the booming commercial corridor in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, Afro-Deli & Catering is a growing hit among students, residents, and workers in the area. The deli exhibits the familiar, vibrant color scheme shared by ADC and offers both indoor and outdoor seating to suit all seasons.

Earlier discussions were centered on how this opportunity could raise funds for ADC’s work of supporting new American communities as they start and sustain successful businesses, build wealth and promote community reinvestment.

ADC staff engaged in broader discussions on the role of business in helping to cultivate and maintain social reinvestment by supporting causes that improve the situation of underserved and vulnerable communities in diverse and impactful ways. While the deli will serve as a consistent source of funding for the African Development Center, investors hope to do even more.

The concept of social entrepreneurship and business responsible is on the rise, as many realize that in order to succeed, we must all do well. This notion has always served as a guiding principle for ADC’s staff as they promote business development efforts to our clients. As ADC embarks upon this exciting venture, Afro-Deli & Catering will donate a percentage of proceeds to local organizations that promote a vibrant and healthy community for all. Instead of serving our closest circle, we hope to reach causes far and wide and truly walk the talk of community reinvestment.