Walking the Talk of Community Reinvestment

For the past several years, the African Development Center has been grooming prospective and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to start and sustain successful businesses throughout the state in an attempt to create a more prosperous community for all.

Jambo! Kitchen

In 2017, ADC launched Jambo! Kitchen, an innovative social venture that weaves business with community and culture. Adding more depth and culture to the booming commercial corridor in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, Jambo! Kitchen is a hit among students, residents, and workers in the area. The deli exhibits the familiar, vibrant color scheme shared by ADC and offers both indoor and outdoor seating to suit all seasons. General Manager Mahad Ibrahim and Executive Chef Jamal Hashi have developed a unique menu that combines flavors from East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, while maintaining ideals of sustainability, social consciousness, and a commitment to using fresh, locally grown ingredients.

The concept of social entrepreneurship and business responsible is on the rise, as many realize that in order to succeed, we must all do well. This notion has always served as a guiding principle for ADC’s staff as they promote business development efforts to our clients. Jambo! Deli & Catering is committed to supporting a vibrant and healthy community for all, and together, we hope to reach causes far and wide and truly walk the talk of community reinvestment.

For more information, visit the Jambo! Kitchen website.