ADC Officially Recognized as NISHEC Adopter

Stock image of a new 1.5-story home with sunroom on side, and lush garden and lawn

The motto for the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NISHEC) is, “Homeownership Done Right!” Therefore, it is no surprise that the African Development Center was recently recognized as an adopter of these standards.

As stated on the NISHEC website: 
Adoption of the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling shows that an organization is dedicated to providing a high level of quality and professionalism that current and future homeowners can recognize and expect. High standards encourage excellence and help guide professional conduct and decision-making in the field.

Working with an organization that has adopted the National Industry Standards gives existing and future homeowners the confidence that counselors/educators will:

  • Provide their clients with correct and consistent information
  • Represent a solid source of information to draw on before and after the home purchase
  • Have the tools and knowledge to support their work
  • Have pledged to serve clients with competence, fairness, and respect

The focus of these standards is to provide a six pronged approach to homeownership counseling: competency, or knowledge-based counseling on the homeownership process; quality training that allows consumers to gain this knowledge; code of ethics and conduct on which the counseling is based; providing the skills necessary to become a successful homeowner; possessing the operational knowledge of the industry to provide access to programs; and finally exceptional performance standards by which a practitioner will be judged .

ADC has always been guided by similar principles, and it is with great pleasure that we accept this new designation. Being a homeownership-counseling agency is a huge responsibility to the communities we serve, and ADC works hard to maintain the stellar reputation on which our clients have long relied upon. We will continue to serve the community and help our clients achieve the American Dream of owning a home!